Visa Applications


Q: Is a visa required to enter Botswana?

A: Yes, all visitors must obtain a valid entry visa to Botswana, except citizens of some Commonwealth countries. A visa is not required of individuals from a number of other countries. Japanese citizens do not need a visa to enter Botswana. Visitors are advised to enquire, prior to travel, if a visa is required of their country.



Travel to/within Botswana


Q: How do I travel to and within Botswana?

A: Travel to and from Botswana is possible by air. Travel within Botswana is possible by air, rail and road transport. Botswana is linked to the rest of the world by Air Botswana and regional airlines. The airlines also operate convenient flights to and from the entire region's tourist centres.



Visitor's Bookings/Reservations


Q: Do I need advance reservation for hotels and parks/game reserves entry?

A: Reservations for travel to Botswana and entry to National Parks and Game Reserves should be made prior to travel with tour operators or at the Reservation offices in Botswana.





Q: Are there any banking facilities in Botswana?

A: Foreign currency can be brought in and out of the country provided it is declared. All banks, hotels and lodges accept convertible foreign currency or traveller's cheques. Credit cards are accepted as forms of payment, but only to a limited extent.





Q: What health precautions do I need to take?

A: Malaria is prevalent in northern Botswana, and may occur seasonally in a few other areas. As a precaution, visitors are advised to consult their physician before departure to Botswana. Botswana like other countries has been affected by the Aids pandemic. Government has put in place measures to address problems this scourge has created, and the general advice by the worldwide Aids awareness campaigns should be heeded.

For more information, go to TOURISM, WILDLIFE AND SIGHTSEEING or enquire at the Embassy.





For further enquiry, send E-mail to the Embassy at botjap@sepia.ocn.ne.jp

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